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Hey there! It’s me, Katarina! 😀

I’m here to make your day more yarny and sweet! And maybe to even make you smile a bit! 😀

You have been most likely seeing my crochet and knit creations on my Instagram – Katarina Reckova. I cannot count how many times I’ve said, that I would try to make a pattern for this and that. Well, you know what? I sort of did! But I won’t make it too easy on you – I will make you think a bit. 😉

This blog will “yarn your day”!

In the section called MY PROJECTS, I will be adding, one by one, guides to all the crochet and knit items that I had designed. I will not make promises about how quickly I will be able to add to this section, as each project is of course more or less complex. BUT, did you notice? Yes, I called it guides, not patterns. That’s where the thinking part comes in handy 😉. I am very comfortable with free-hand crocheting and knitting. And I would like to show you, just how easy it is! When I am designing something, I use three words to guide me – functional, flattering, remarkable.

My style

Functional is my first word, because I simply do not wish to end up covering my entire place in needless granny squares. 😀 But, also, I have great focus on functionality, while designing my garments and other items. A shirt should be stretchy if it needs to be stretchy, it should be lined if it needs to be lined, scarfs in moss stitch should be worked lengthwise – I’ve learned the last one the hard way! 😀 And, that’s exactly what I’m offering to you here, my experience with creating each item, what I had learned from it and ways you can make it “your own”.

Flattering is more personal. We each have a different style and color preferences. But here I am hinting more on our body shapes. I have unquestionably a pear body shape. Over the years I’ve learned to prefer, either from functional or flattering reasons, specific styles of dresses, pants, shirts and skirts. That was also a reason why, when I decided to crochet my first garment, and ever since, I had the need to make it custom to my body shape. So, maybe just give it a thought. What cut of a shirt or dress do you feel most confident in and why? Could you create one crocheted or knitted? Most likely. 😉

Remarkable. Remarkable all by itself can be a “dangerous” word. That is why I would like you to think of it with connection to the functional and flattering. Often, I find inspiration in traditional Slovak clothing or in folk embroideries. I also have few chosen fashion brands, which I follow on my Insta, whose fashion pieces never disappoint my beauty-hungry eye. I chose yarn colors which are flattering to my skin tone, and at the same time, flattering to the pattern and into a degree “modern”. Simply, once you learn how to create an ordinary shirt, you might end up like me – always wanting to make the next one more beautiful, more flattering, more detailed, more remarkable. 🙂 I think it also comes hand in hand with confidence which one gains from experience.

More, more and more… 😀

I am only getting deeper and deeper into the yarn universe each day. I experiment with designs, new yarns, learn about different fibers. I am about to head jump into yarn dying and spinning … and I decided to share these experiences with you, to share some knowledge, or inspire you for a new yarn adventure in the YARN TIPS section of my blog. And no, it’s not any crazy hard or expensive adventures, everyone might find something. Even people who had not yet ever laid their hands on a skein of yarn. (Yes, I’m speaking to you my personal friend who follows my Insta and haven’t yet attempted to crochet! 😀 ) . My plan is to add to this section a new post once a week. It can be anything from “What do you need to try crocheting for the first time?” to “I just decided to learn, how to spin Mulberry silk.”. So quite a variety.

But how do I come up with those ideas for learning all the yarn stuff? Youuu, it’s youuu, it’s aaalways You! 😀 Yes, yes. 😉 All the people on Instagram that ever used the #crochet #knitting or #yarn. And all the people in amazing Facebook crochet or knitting related groups. I see you and your ideas, and I get inspired and motivated! And since many of you have so much knowledge and experience to offer, I am dedicating a separate section of this blog to your voices – BE MY GUEST. I would like to post here once a month an interview with one of you, lovely crafters, who have some specific interest or knowledge about the yarn world. 🤓 If you would like to be featured in this section, or would like to do some Instagram collab feel free to simply write to me on my Instagram page @katarinareckova. 😉

And the last and the least …. SWEETS! 😀 I used to have previously a baking blog and I think it would be a waste to not publish my recipes again. Just as with crochet, I do experiment with food too! 😉 Maybe you would like to have yourself a sweet treat while crafting?

If you would like more visual inspirations, head to my Instagram page! 😉

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